Prayer Briefs welcomes you.

This website is a storage of prayer briefs or brief prayers derived from the Christian and ancient Jewish (Biblical) traditions of raising spontaneous prayer to God.


Prayer Briefs is a collection of brief prayers to help us solidify our relationship with God.

These prayers will help you to:

  • Pray without ceasing

  • Be watchful

  • Have your lamp burning

  • Keep your gaze heavenward

  • Live a fruitful life

  • Serve the Reign of God

  • Enjoy a relationship with God

In Christian Tradition, aspirations, ejaculations, and spiritual communions are short prayers raised sporadically to God in our hearts throughout the day.

They are typical of souls who have God in mind and so spontaneously refer to Him. Such prayers, because they are short, simple, and spontaneous, are possible at all times in all circumstances and will come to us easily at the moment of our death if we are in the habit of praying them

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