Apostolic Witness


1. Father, your Kingdom come (cf. Luke 11: 2).
2. 'For to me life is Christ, and death is gain' (Phil. 1: 21).
3. Help me to proclaim you by word and deed.
4. I'll make you the best friend of my friends.
5. I am on a mission from God (pop media).
6. Jesus Almighty Healer, help us to use our health or sickness to serve you well.
7. Jesus, make me quick in helping souls.
8. Jesus, multiply the fruits.
9. Jesus, use me.
10. Let me suffer that others may not, Lord.
11. Lord, consecrate them in your truth (cf. John 17: 17).
12. Lord, do not hold the sins against them (cf. Acts 7: 60).
13. Lord, don't let me disturb your work.
14. Lord, engrave your will in me; that all be saved and come to the knowledge of truth (cf. 1 Tim. 2: 4).
15. Lord, entrust your word to me.
16. Lord, entrust your work to me.
17. Lord, for thy name, thy kingdom and thy will.
18. Lord, give me a missionary sense.
19. Lord, give me a quick interest for each soul.
20. Lord, give me an apostolic mind.
21. Lord, give me apostolic drive, proselytistic drive, evangelical drive.
22. Lord, give me apostolic wisdom, proselytistic wisdom.
23. Lord, give me the joy of seeing your victory in all things.
24. Lord, give us a fighting spirit and virtuous action; make us strong against evil.
25. Lord, give us deep, operative, militant piety; help us keep evil away from our lives.
26. Lord, give us your temple-cleansing zeal. Help us keep human intrigues out of your house of prayer.
27. Lord, grant that I am always being apostolic.
28. Lord, grant that many will be ready for the great and awful day.
29. Lord, help me carry on Christianity, as you want me to, as it pleases you, with a free and open spirit.
30. Lord, help me not to get in your way.
31. Lord, help me to be all things to all men (cf. 1 Cor. 9: 22).
32. Lord, help me to bring people to you in all the ways possible.
33. Lord, help me to draw good from each person.
34. Lord, help me to know human nature.
35. Lord, help me to manifest you in all the ways I can to as many souls as possible.
36. Lord, help me to put aside what I need to put aside to get things done for you.
37. Lord, help me to strive that they have life abundantly.
38. Lord, help me to will that everyone be saved and attain the knowledge of truth (cf. 1 Tim. 2: 4).
39. Lord, help us to continue your work on earth.
40. Lord, I love it when you arrange things.
41. Lord, I want to do more.
42. Lord, I want to make you the desire of all the nations.
43. Lord, I want to teach what you teach and as you teach and as you will.
44. Lord, immerse me in the work of salvation.
45. Lord, in all my life, help me to see your prophecies unfolding, help me to know the relevance of your law.
46. Lord, keep choosing me to accomplish your will.
47. Lord, keep me faithful to your teachings.
48. Lord, keep me going until it is accomplished.
49. Lord, keep the Church on fire as on the day of Pentecost (cf. Acts 2: 3).
50. Lord, keep the Scriptures safe.
51. Lord, keep them true to you.
52. Lord, lead us to true fidelity, holy fidelity, fruitful fidelity.
53. Lord, let me serve you always with my mind and heart and will.
54. Lord, let me show to others your goodness to me.
55. Lord, let my authority be of humility, of love, of piety.
56. Lord, make me a herald of holiness in my every word and deed.
57. Lord, make me a shepherd after your own heart.
58. Lord, make me attend to all that matters.
59. Lord, make me attend to all that's yours.
60. Lord, make me blaze a trial.
61. Lord, make me care for the good and salvation of all.
62. Lord, make me complete in bearing witness to you.
63. Lord, make me concerned that your banquet hall is filled.
64. Lord, make me detached from everything while I strive to gain all for you.
65. Lord, make me do all the apostolate you want me to do.
66. Lord, make me do all you want of me.
67. Lord, make me do what is effective to bring people to you.
68. Lord, make me do what you want me to teach.
69. Lord, make me earnest for the coming of your Kingdom
70. Lord, make me faithful to your call.
71. Lord, make me pass the fruits of my sufferings to others.
72. Lord, make me qualified for all that you want me to do (cf. Titus 1: 16).
73. Lord, make me quick in making friends.
74. Lord, make me sow abundantly the fruits of sanctity.
75. Lord, make me truly missionary.
76. Lord, make us free and happy and fruitful.
77. Lord, make us productive, make us fruitful.
78. Lord, may I never scandalize the goodness in souls.
79. Lord, may nothing dampen my zeal.
80. Lord, may zeal for your house consume me (cf. John 2: 17).
81. Lord, people: make me concerned, not about their sins but about their souls.
82. Lord, put your words into my mouth (cf. Jer. 13: 12).
83. Lord, send me.
84. Lord, sharpen my sensitivity to the needs of my neighbour that I can attend to.
85. Lord, show us where danger lies.
86. Lord, teach me to look at myself while I try to correct others (cf. Luke 13: 10-17).
87. Lord, teach us how to be fruitful.
88. Lord, teach us to make disciples of all nations (cf. Matt. 28: 19; Acts 1: 8).
89. Lord, teach us what it means to bring others to you.
90. Lord, use me.
91. Lord, we have put aside everything to follow you.
92. Lord, we want to carry out every-thing you have commanded (cf. Matt. 28: 20).
93. Lord, we will make your house a house of prayer (cf. Mark 11: 17).
94. Lord, woe to me if I do not preach the gospel (cf. 1 Cor. 9: 16).
95. Lord, your work is never finished; help us to keep serving till we die.
96. Make me earnest for the coming of your Kingdom.
97. Make me strong in bearing witness to you.
98. Souls: Lord, make their problems my problems.
99. Lord, teach me to love, respect, and promote the freedom of every person.
100. Lord help me to appreciate and respect your way with each person (cf. John 21: 22).
101. Lord, help me to trust your love and mercy at work in each and every life.
102. Speak, Lord! Your servant is listening (cf. 1 Sam. 3: 9).
103. We want Christ Our Redeemer to reign.