Abandonment in God


1. Father, as you would, not as I would (cf. Matt. 26: 39).
2. Father, I know little, your will be done.
3. 'Father, into your hands I commend my spirit' (Luke 23: 46).
4. Father of mercies! (cf. 2 Cor. 1: 3).
5. God of peace, be with me.
6. God of all comfort, be with me (cf. 2 Cor. 1: 3).
7. Lord, the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak (cf. Matt. 26: 41)
8. Lord Jesus, rule the world, rule my enemies, rule my friends.
9. Lord, direct me to heaven.
10. Lord, give me peace and safety.
11. Lord, help me not to oppose you (cf. John 19: 11-28).
12. Lord, help me to will only what you will.
13. Lord, hold me by the hand.
14. Lord, I believe you love me more than it seems.
15. Lord, I count on your ruling in all things.
16. Lord, I don't know how I shall breathe my last but let it be as a child of God (cf. Mark 15: 39).
17. Lord, I fear to do my will. Make yours clear to me.
18. Lord, I want to be completely identified with you.
19. Lord, I will smile through everything.
20. Lord, if you will.
21. Lord, it is not easy to follow you, but I will keep trying. Never let me follow Satan or its agents.
22. Lord, justify me.
23. Lord, make me always dependent on you.
24. Lord, make me fit into your plan perfectly.
25. Lord, make me totally dependent on you.
26. Lord, make us confident in your love, confident in your commandments, confident in your blessings, confident in your goodness, confident in your timing, confident in your wisdom, confident in your justice, confident in your vengeance, confident in your mercy. . . make us confident in you.
27. Lord, may I never be so distracted that I don't have a mind for you, I don't know you, I don't have a heart from you, I don't have interest in you, I don't have time for you, I don't serve you, I don't want you. Lord, may I never be so distracted in this world.
28. Lord, my food is to do your will (cf. John 4: 34).
29. Lord, my rights are in your hands (cf. Luke 18: 7).
30. Lord of the harvest, help us.
31. Lord, please arrange things.
32. Lord, we need your help.
33. Lord, you know all things.
34. Lord, you have dominion over life and death (cf. Wis.16:13).
35. My God, why have you forsaken me? (cf. Matt. 27: 46; Mark 15: 34).
36. My God, you astound me!
37. Omnipotent God, I'm in your hands.
38. Yes, Lord!
39. We are strong in the name of the Lord, our God (cf. Ps. 20: 8).