1. Father, help me to keep my baptismal vows all the days of my life.
2. Father, help me to do everything for your glory.
3. Father, you have the power to do all things.
4. God, you know best.
5. How good you are, O God.
6. I can do all things in him who strengthens me (cf. Phil. 4:13).
7. I count it a supreme advantage to know Christ Jesus (cf. Phil. 3: 8).
8. I just want to do God's will (Martin Luther King Jr.)
9. I know that my redeemer lives (cf. Job 19: 25).
10. I know whom I have loved.
11. I'm sure you will not abandon me.
12. 'It is the Lord' (John 21: 7).
13. Jesus, make sure I follow you closely.
14. Lord, answer me like you answered that woman of faith, Mary (cf. John 2: 4).
15. Lord, as we aim for good things, help us to walk without reproach.
16. Lord, fill us with faith.
17. Lord, give me the courage and wisdom to always obey your commandments.
18. Lord, help me believe all that you have said.
19. Lord, help me to enjoy you and your works to the utmost.
20. Lord, help me to live as you want me to live.
21. Lord, help me to show the world what grace can do.
22. Lord, help my unbelief! (cf. Mark 9: 24).
23. Lord, help us fulfil your will, always and everywhere.
24. Lord, help us to believe that we need you.
25. Lord, help us to proclaim our faith by all that we say and do.
26. Lord, help us to receive you and all that comes from youÑmost solemnly.
27. Lord, I believe in you.
28. Lord, I firmly believe you are with me.
29. Lord, I hope in you.
30. Lord, I will not deny you (cf. Matt. 26:35).
31. Lord, I'm in search of greatness.
32. Lord, keep me within your church.
33. Lord, let me never fear death.
34. Lord, make me a believer.
35. Lord, make me act with the power of wisdom.
36. Lord, make me call you Father.
37. Lord, make me draw good from each situation.
38. Lord, make me ever more sensitive to your grace.
39. Lord, make me have faith in you and in all that comes from you and in all that leads to you.
40. Lord, make me live a life of faith.
41. Lord, make me open with my faith, clear and militant with my faith.
42. Lord, may your words always influence me, may I never get used to your words.
43. Lord, show me time for faith and time for reason.
44. Lord, show that I'm working for you.
45. Lord, help me that I may see.
46. Lord God, show your truths, let your truths prevail.
47. Lord God, shine your light on our darkness.
48. Lord, we can do what you command! (cf. Matt. 20: 22; Mark 10: 39).
49. My God, I believe that all that is yours is mine (cf. Luke 15: 31).
50. O God, there is no power like yours, rule my life.
51. O God! Turn everything into profit for me.
52. O God, Yours is the reign, the power, and the glory!
53. O God, Let no other take your place in my life.
54. O God, You see more than I can see, rule my life, rule the world.
55. O God, let your love and peace dwell amongst us.
56. O God, help us to reject evil, help us to keep from evil.
58. O God, help us to please you, help us to give you glory.
59. O God, help us to enjoy your creation, protect us from Satan and the works of evil.
57. Omnia in bonumÑAll for good (cf. Rom. 8: 28).