For the Church


1. Lord, help me to serve you, your chosen ones and the entire Church.
2. Lord, help me to serve your pope, your clergy, your preachers, your ministers, your evangelists, your prophets, and all souls as you will.
3. Lord, help us to appreciate one another.
4. Lord, help us to be peaceful. Help us to keep growing (cf. Acts 9: 31).
5. Lord, help us to love one another.
6. Lord, help us to support one another.
7. Lord, keep our priests and preachers safe.
8. Lord, keep our bishops and pastors safe.
9. Lord, keep the Church a praying Church (cf. Acts 1: 14).
10. Lord, keep the pope and church leaders safe.
11. Lord, keep us aware of the power of evil.
12. Lord, keep us one family under your care.
13. Lord, keep us united in truth and love.
14. Lord, make me enrich the church.
15. Lord, save the Church from attraction to evil means and evil ways.
16. Lord, save us from misuse of religion.
17. Lord, thank you for your priests.