1. Lord, block my way into pride (cf. Jer. 13: 9; 2 Cor. 12: 7).
2. Lord, give me a good heart, a true heart, a pure heart, a humble heart.
3. Lord, give me a good mind, a clear mind, an active mind, a humble mind.
4. Lord, give me the mastery over self that is pleasing to you.
5. Lord, help me to spend each day learning.
6. Lord, help me to please you rather than trying to look good before people.
7. Lord, I seek your glory in all things.
8. Lord, make me grow high in humility.
9. Lord, make me so low that you fill me with ease.
10. Lord, may your blessings never take me away from you.
11. Lord, teach me to look at myself while I try to correct others (cf. Luke 13: 15).
12. Lord, teach me to respect authority and tradition in accordance with your holy will.
13. Make me lowly before you, O Lord.
14. Master, teach me lowliness.
15. Lord, teach me to appreciate your love for each person.
16. Lord, teach me to appreciate your work in each person.
17. Lord, teach me to respect your will for each person.
18. Lord, teach me to be humble before your mercy towards all.
19. Lord, teach me to accept my place in your plan.
20. Lord, teach me to acknowledge your power and might.