1. Claim my body, Lord, claim my heart.
2. I don't care what the Devil is going to do, Lord, but I will love what you will do to put the Devil and the Devil's servants to shame.
3. Jesus, grant us the peace of virtue.
4. Lord, bend my heart to do your will, teach me your law.
5. Lord, bless my mind and heart to do good works.
6. Lord, bless my mind with beautiful thoughts; bless my hands with beautiful works.
7. Lord enlighten me when I read the Scriptures, never let evil spirits interpret your Word to me.
8. Lord, fill me with virtue, full measure, pressed down, flowing over (cf. Luke 6: 38).
9. Lord God, give me heart for a fruitful life, give me mind for a fruitful life.
10. Lord, give me appetite for the things of your banquet.
11. Lord, give me sight to see through falsehood.
12. Lord, give me the power of restraint.
13. Lord, give us efficacious grace.
14. Lord, give us peace in our flesh, in our heart, in our mind.
15. Lord, give us supernatural outlook.
16. Lord, help me always react as a saint would.
17. Lord, help me in all my life to do good professional work, good public service, good Christian mission . . . nothing but good.
18. Lord, help me to always apply your lessons to myself at each time in life, in each place, in each circumstanceÑas you want me to (cf. Matt. 26: 6-13; Mark 14: 3-9).
19. Lord, help me to be absorbed in prayer.
20. Lord, help me to desire cleanliness.
21. Lord, help me to do everything prayerfully.
22. Lord, help me to gain wisdom and understanding through every experience, pleasurable or distasteful.
23. Lord, help me to finish the work you have given me to do (cf. John 4:34).
24. Lord, help me to go on prayerfully.
25. Lord, help me to observe all things as a saint should.
26. Lord, help me to think rightly about everything.
27. Lord, help us remove the obstacles to grace.
28. Lord, help us to follow you closely, like the martyrs did.
29. Lord, help us to make progress on the way of salvation (cf. Liturgy).
30. Lord, I plead for merit and virtues.
31. Lord, I want to always walk with you.
32. Lord, I want to be a saint; I want to be a martyr.
33. Lord, I want to run so make me wise.
34. Lord, keep me balanced in everything.
35. Lord, keep me going virtuously.
36. Lord, keep me thinking positively, keep me thinking joyfully, keep me thinking peacefully, keep me thinking fruitfully.
37. Lord, keep training me, purify, purge, discipline me.
38. Lord, lead me on to maturity, spiritual and human.
39. Lord, lead me to integrity, lead me to perfection.
40. Lord, lead me to the fullness of joy.
41. Lord, lift me up in holiness: let me know your law more clearly, let me hear your prophets more clearly, let me see Christ, The Way, more clearly.
42. Lord, if you let me lose anything, don't let me lose you.
43. Lord, let me reflect with my life, all that belongs to you my Father God.
44. Lord, let the activity of my being be holy, pleasing to you, and meritorious.
45. Lord, let your Spirit rest heavily upon us.
46. Lord, like you did, let me do.
47. Lord, make me a temple of your Holy Spirit.
48. Lord, make me attentive to your Spirit.
49. Lord, make me completely dependent on you.
50. Lord, make me good, make me really good.
51. Lord, make me live the Gospel to the full.
52. Lord, make me live the Holy Mass.
53. Lord, make me love virtue.
54. Lord, make me meticulous in avoiding sin.
55. Lord, make me perceive as saints perceive.
56. Lord, make me pray the best way in each moment.
57. Lord, make me recall your life in each event of my life.
58. Lord, make me stand firm to the end.
59. Lord, make me steadfast in prayer, steadfast in mortification, steadfast on apostolate, steadfast in service.
60. Lord, make me view everything in the perspective of holiness.
61. Lord, make me walk in the Spirit.
62. Lord, make my life a harmony.
63. Lord, make us pay heed to the Gospel, all the Gospel.
64. Lord, may all my efforts be worthwhile, may all my labors bear fruit.
65. Lord, may I always insist on being better each day.
66. Lord, may I enjoy your favor.
67. Lord, may my footsteps be firm in keeping your commandments.
68. Lord, may none of your words condemn me on the last day; nothing you have spoken; nothing you have revealed (cf. John 12: 48).
69. Lord, may our works lead us to perfection and may our piety produce good works.
70. Lord, may we be saints.
71. Lord, reveal to me what flesh and blood cannot reveal.
72. Lord, save me from evil deprivation and depravity, help me to live a good life.
73. Lord, save us from corrupt religion, save us from religious corruption.
74. Lord, show us where danger lies.
75. Lord, take me at the holiest moment of my life.
76. 'Lord, there is none like you to help the powerless against the strong. Help us, O Lord, our God, for we rely on you . . . let no man prevail against you' (2 Chronicles 14: 10).
77. Lord, 'we will not sin, knowing that we belong to you' (Wis. 15: 2).
78. My God, keep my soul fit!
79. My prestige is your glory, Lord.
80. O God, give me discipline for prayer, holy prayer.
81. O God, give me good thinking, right thinking, clear thinking.
82. O Lord, Deliver me and protect me from evil minds, from evil eyes, from evil tongues, from evil ears, from evil hands, from evil beings.
83. O Lord, do not abandon me even if I abandon you.
84. Spirit of God, tame me.