1. Almighty God, bless us.
2. Enrich me, Lord, with truth and grace, love and light, wisdom and power.
3. Father, give your best to me, do your best for me (cf. Matt. 7: 9-11).
4. Father, help me to surely live (cf. Ezek. 18: 9, 32)
5. Help me, Lord (cf. Matt. 14: 30).
6. Jesus, make me ready.
7. 'Jesus, Master! Have pity on us!' (Luke 17: 13).
8. 'Keep me as the apple of your eye' (Ps. 17: 8).
9. Lord, bless and approve my offering.
10. Lord, bless and approve my work for you.
11. Lord, bless the works of our hands.
12. Lord, bless us in every way.
13. Lord, continue you work in me.
14. Lord, expand my capacity to receive blessing and bless me more and more.
15. Lord, give me a sense of justice.
16. Lord, give me courage for self-knowledge.
17. Lord, give me courage to be free.
18. Lord, give me grace, amazing grace, efficacious grace, operative grace.
19. Lord, give me the wisdom of economics: the economy of time, the economy of means, of ways, and of salvation.
20. Lord, give me time for all.
21. Lord, give me wisdom to live the best I can at all times.
22. Lord, give us efficacious faith.
23. Lord, give us good humour, clean humour.
24. Lord, give us this bread always (cf. John 6: 34).
25. Lord, graciously bless us.
26. Lord, graciously sanctify all our works.
27. Lord, grant that I may not do anything uselessly.
28. Lord, help me not to waste a second.
29. Lord, help me to act with the authority of humility, of love, of piety.
30. Lord, help me to appreciate my opportunities, gifts, and blessings.
31. Lord, help me to find joy in living my own life and to respect the lives of others.
32. Lord, help me to finish the work you have given me to do.
33. Lord, help me to live well, grow old properly, and die gloriously.
34. Lord, help me to pray always.
35. Lord, help me to pray much.
36. Lord, help me to work virtuously.
37. Lord, help us to ride over problems.
38. Lord, I come to draw virtue from you (cf. Luke 8: 46).
39. Lord, I want to be happy when I am dying.
40. Lord, I want to be living when I am dying.
41. Lord, I want to run the risk for you.
42. Lord, if you will to do so, you can cure me (cf. Matt. 8: 2).
43. Lord, just for today.
44. Lord, keep reminding me to forgive.
45. Lord, keep us in our right minds against the pressures of life.
46. Lord, lead me unto Glory day by day.
47. Lord, let me say the things the martyrs were stopped from saying, let me do the things the martyrs were prevented from doing, let me be what the martyrs were not allowed to be (cf. Rev. 20: 1-5).
48. Lord, let there be no wickedness in me.
49. Lord, make me a herald of holiness.
50. Lord, make me beautiful; make my life beautiful.
51. Lord, make me carry the cross with fear, hope, and love.
52. Lord, make me diligent in prayer.
53. Lord, make me economic.
54. Lord, make me fruitful.
55. Lord, make me heroic.
56. Lord, make me hurry up with my work on earth.
57. Lord, make me obey as you want me to.
58. Lord, make me pray better.
59. Lord, make me recognize the Devil in all the ways he comes.
60. Lord, make me venture into good things and complete my life with many good works.
61. Lord, may all that I do prosper.
62. Lord, may I never be guilty of malice (cf. 1 Thess. 5: 15).
63. Lord, may I profit from everything.
64. Lord, may we abound in good works.
65. Lord, never let me be parted from you (cf. Liturgy).
66. Lord, never let me ignore your banquet, your bounty, your love or your care.
67. 'Lord, save me!' (Matt. 14: 30).
68. Lord, show me my wounds.
69. Lord, speed up your work in me.
70. Lord, stop me from wasting my life.
71. Lord, teach me how to live and teach me how to die.
72. Lord, teach me to do my work well.
73. Lord, teach me when to be still and when to stir.
74. 'Lord, teach us to pray' (Luke 11: 1).
75. Lord, what must I do to be saved? (cf. Acts 16: 30)
76. Lord, work your miracles again.
77. Lord, your law, your word, your grace, your love: these are my needs each passing moment.
78. Make us know the brevity of life that we may gain wisdom of heart.
79. 'Master, show us the Father' (John 14: 8).
80. My angel, keep me praying.
81. O God, give me what you know will make me happy.
82. O God, help me reach out for your bounty, help me enjoy your bounty.
83. O Jesus, make my heart as yours.
84. Train me in virtue, Lord.
85. Tend me, Lord; lead me in green pastures and help be enjoy all that is good.
86. O God, fill my life with blessing.
87. O God, protect me, protect my blessings, protect my paths, keep evil doers away from me and mine.
88. O God, let my life display your loving kindness.
89. O God, make me shine as a child of God in all things.
90. O God, make me shine through your word, your works, and your gifts in my life.
91. O God, make me enjoy the fact that all that is yours is mine and all that is mine is yours
92. O God, make my life display your power and glory.