1. Be with me, Lord, help me to be with you.
2. Father, give us brotherly love.
3. Help me to be happy with your pleasure, my God, help me to please you.
4. How I love you, Jesus.
5. I just want to love you, Jesus.
6. 'I will lay down my life for you' (John 13: 37).
7. I'm for your pleasure, Lord!
8. Jesus, give me the power to suffer when others suffer.
9. Jesus, give me your Spirit, make me a child of God in earnest.
10. Lord, as you do for meÑfull measure, pressed down and flowing overÑso let me do for you (cf. Luke 6: 38).
11. Lord, be at home in me.
12. Lord, direct my feet to heaven.
13. Lord, engrave in me your new covenant, that law of love, of grace, of freedom, that law of your Gospel.
14. Lord, give me a Christian heart, a peaceful heart, a joyful heart, a loving heart, a humble heart.
15. Lord, give me a heart for all.
16. Lord, give me fervour for prayer, fervour for apostolate, fervour for work.
17. Lord, give me grace for all, time for all, and the means for all.
18. Lord, give me knowledge that leads to understanding, that leads to love.
19. Lord, give me order in my mind, order in my heart, order in my intellect, and order in my will.
20. Lord, give me the order of love and give me that order with clarity.
21. Lord, give me the vigilance of love.
22. Lord, give us universal hearts.
23. Lord, grant that everything I say gives life; grant that everything I do gives life.
24. Lord, help me care for whatever pleases you.
25. Lord, help me not to think badly about anyone and not to think well about myself.
26. Lord, help me to appreciate your love.
27. Lord, help me to choose what is most pleasing to you.
28. Lord, help me to do you proud always.
29. Lord, help me to enjoy the enjoyment of others.
30. Lord, help me to give life, to restore life, to enhance life, to save life.
31. Lord, help me to leave behind all the good I can.
32. Lord, help me to love you genuinely.
33. Lord, help me to love you tremendously.
34. Lord, help me to love you with deeds.
35. Lord, help me to please you.
36. Lord, help me to talk to you.
37. Lord, help me to want all that you want of me.
38. Lord, help us to correct each other lovingly.
39. Lord, help us to recognize you at the breaking of the bread (cf. Luke 24: 35).
40. Lord, I give you my heart, the whole and not a part.
41. Lord, I love everything that you do.
42. Lord, I love you.
43. Lord, I want nothing for myself, all for you.
44. Lord, I want to be your friend, teach me everything (cf. John 15: 15).
45. Lord, I want to do good.
46. Lord, I want to have you as my theme.
47. Lord, I want to love you in the fullness of my being.
48. Lord, I want to love you with all of me.
49. Lord, I want to please you in all things.
50. Lord, I want to see your face (cf. Ps. 42: 3).
51. Lord, I want you.
52. Lord, I will give you all I can.
53. Lord, I will not wait for old age to have time for you.
54. Lord, I'd rather disappoint me than to disappoint you.
55. Lord, I'm ambitious for loveÑguide my zeal.
56. Lord, I'm only human but always remember I love you.
57. Lord, I'm so in love with you.
58. Lord, increase my capacity to do good.
59. Lord, increase my capacity to pray.
60. Lord, increase my desire to do good.
61. Lord, it is good for us to be with you (cf. Matt. 17: 4).
62. Lord, keep bringing my attention to you.
63. Lord, keep from me a malicious spirit.
64. Lord, let it be that only your Spirit subdues me.
65. Lord, let me be always where I am needed.
66. Lord, let me love you, in my flesh, in my heart, in my mind, in my will.
67. Lord, let me please you with little things, with great things, with everything.
68. Lord, let me teach love in all I say and do.
69. Lord, let our hearts burn within us as we spend this time with you (cf. Luke 24: 32).
70. Lord, LOVE! Engrave this law in me.
71. Lord, make love and wisdom direct my struggle.
72. Lord, make me 100 percent yours.
73. Lord, make me a monstrance of love.
74. Lord, make me aware of the needs of people.
75. Lord, make me forgive like you do.
76. Lord, make me free to do what love compels me to do.
77. Lord, make me fruitful by your love.
78. Lord, make me fulfil my mission generously.
79. Lord, make me give all I've gained.
80. Lord, make me grasp well the mentality of each person.
81. Lord, make me leave a legacy of love.
82. Lord, make me live for you alone.
83. Lord, make me live up to your expectation.
84. Lord, make me love the Holy Mass, the memorial of your Sacrifice.
85. Lord, make me love you above sin.
86. Lord, make me love you with deeds and above deedsÑmake me just love you.
87. Lord, make me mature in love.
88. Lord, make me merciful.
89. Lord, make me quick in giving what I can give.
90. Lord, make me really good.
91. Lord, make me see in people what you see in them.
92. Lord, make me sensitive to the dictates of love.
93. Lord, make me sow love, make me sow peace, make me sow joy, make me sow unity, make me sow progress.
94. Lord, make me take others seriously.
95. Lord, make me treat my body with piety.
96. Lord, make me truly poor, truly detached from all else and truly rich before you.
97. Lord, make us know you, make us happy.
98. Lord, may I always inspire goodness.
99. Lord, may I never forget the poor (cf. Gal. 2: 10).
100. Lord, may I never forget the sinner.
101. Lord, may I never forget you.
102. Lord, may I never grow less in love.
103. Lord, may my love for you be fruitful.
104. Lord, may my works extend your love and mercy to others.
105. Lord, may we have friends indeed (cf. Luke 22: 28).
106. Lord, open my eyes to all the good I can do.
107. Lord, stay with us! (cf. Luke 24: 29).
108. Lord, teach me how to please you.
109. Lord, teach me to save others from envy.
110. Lord, teach me who my neighbour is (cf. Luke 10: 27, 29).
111. Lord, you are so easy to forgetÑhelp me to stop forgetting you.
112. Loving Father!
113. Make me love you till the end.
114. Lord, strengthen my will to do your will.
115. O God, your love is perfect; help me appreciate it more and more.