1. Father, teach me to live in the reality of the victory of Christ.
2. I'll stick out my neck for you.
3. In Christ there is every ideal.
4. Let your word find home in me.
5. Lord, engrave your Law in me (cf. Rom. 2: 15).
6. Lord, fill me with wisdom.
7. Lord, fill us with truth and grace.
8. Lord, flood me with light, with vision, with knowledge, with revelation, with inspiration, with understanding, with wisdom, with truth, with reality, that I may give life to others.
9. Lord, give me grace to be thoroughly Christian.
10. Lord, give me light to see your truth in all things.
11. Lord, give me love for the truth.
12. Lord, give me the spirit of the Gospels.
13. Lord, give us sound knowledge of the Scriptures, make us accurate in all we teach.
14. Lord, grant me a deep understanding of the malice of sin and the effects of sin.
15. Lord, guided by your Gospel, we will live for your Kingdom.
16. Lord, help me believe my defects.
17. Lord, help me to be all that I am meant to be.
18. Lord, help me to consider your law always.
19. Lord, help me to have an eye on the future.
20. Lord, help me to know what is in our nature.
21. Lord, help me to know what's true for me.
22. Lord, help us to recognize our dependency on prayer.
23. Lord, I'd rather be crushed by good than to submit to evil.
24. Lord, in my inmost being, teach me wisdom (cf. Job 33: 33; Ps. 51: 8).
25. Lord, keep me in your truth.
26. Lord, keep my head clear for you.
27. Lord, keep us faithful to your teaching (cf. Liturgy).
28. Lord, keep us open to the workings of your Spirit.
29. Lord, keep us open to your truth (cf. 2 Thess. 2: 10).
30. Lord, let me defend the truth in all things.
31. Lord, let me distinguish the truth in all things.
32. Lord, let me enter heaven every day.
33. Lord, let me find you in things that are real.
34. Lord, let me hold the truth in all things.
35. Lord, let me know myself as citizen of heaven.
36. Lord, let me learn how to live from your word.
37. Lord, let me love the truth in all things.
38. Lord, let me never set myself against the truth (cf. John 10: 31).
39. Lord, let there be no deceit in my mouth and in my attitudes.
40. Lord, let your truth be heard even when Satan stops us from saying it.
41. Lord, let your words abide in me.
42. Lord, make me aware of my limitations.
43. Lord, make me delicate with your law.
44. Lord, make me do all that I am meant to do.
45. Lord, make me ever more attentive to your Gospel.
46. Lord, make me ever more content.
47. Lord, make me live in truth and peace.
48. Lord, make me live the Gospel.
49. Lord, make me love the truth in all things.
50. Lord, make me obey all that is holy.
51. Lord, make me pay constant attention to the brevity of life.
52. Lord, make me put each thing in its placeÑwealth, honour, success, fame, in the service of your Kingdom.
53. Lord, make me quick in accepting truth.
54. Lord, make me remember the supremacy of prayer.
55. Lord, make me see the appropriate time.
56. Lord, make me seek truth.
57. Lord, make me true to your name, true to your word.
58. Lord, make me truly Christian.
59. Lord, make me wise; help me not to live in a dream world.
60. Lord, make us preserve the truth of your gospel (cf. Gal. 2: 5).
61. Lord, may I be drawn to the magnet of truth.
62. Lord, may I never convince myself of anything false or evil.
63. Lord, may I never ignore my conscience.
64. Lord, may it be seen in me that I am your child.
65. Lord, may souls of prayer rule the world.
66. Lord, reveal yourself to us.
67. Lord, save us from falsehood (cf. 2 Thess. 2: 11).
68. Lord, show me the season for each thing.
69. Lord, teach me as on the way to Emmaus (cf. Luke 24: 13-15).
70. Lord, teach me how to be happier.
71. Lord, teach me your law.
72. Make me humble before your truths, O Lord.
73. Your word is truth, O, Lord!
74. Your word O, Lord, let it be a lamp to my feet, a light to my pathway (cf. Ps. 119: 105).