1. Lord, bless me with vigilance, spiritual vigilance, apostolic vigilance.
2. Lord, declare to us the things that are to come (cf. John 16: 13).
3. Lord, fill me with wisdom for the coming of Your Kingdom.
4. Lord, flood me with your light.
5. Lord, give me a clean conscience.
6. Lord, give me a clear mind.
7. Lord, give me that supernatural sensitivity that makes me do the right thing at the right time.
8. Lord, give me the vision of wisdom.
9. Lord, give me vision for truth always.
10. Lord, give me vision of my mission.
11. Lord, give us light.
12. Lord, give us sound judgment.
13. Lord, help me await you constantly.
14. Lord, help me believe you easily.
15. Lord, help me enrich myself through every experience.
16. Lord, help me in each moment to do what I should do.
17. Lord, help me to always perceive what is good, what is true, what is right, what is safe.
18. Lord, help me to know what surpasses knowledge (cf. Eph. 3: 19).
19. Lord, help me to see beyond the moments, beyond the problems, beyond the gains, beyond the sufferings, beyond the pleasures, beyond the persons, beyond the places, beyond the things, beyond the money, beyond the powers . . . Help me to see.
20. Lord, help us to recognize the opportunities you offer (cf. Luke 19: 44).
21. Lord, I need you to show me what I am.
22. Lord, I want to be what you want me to be.
23. Lord, I want to face you each day.
24. Lord, illumine my mind.
25. Lord, lead me to harmony, lead me to glory.
26. Lord, make me faithful to the lights that you give.
27. Lord, make me see what surpasses sight.
28. Lord, make me see!
29. Lord, make me wise in heart and mind and will.
30. Lord, make your Gospel clear to me.
31. Lord, manifest yourself.
32. Lord, open my heart to know the Scriptures (cf. Luke 24: 32).
33. Lord, reveal to us the mysteries of your Reign (cf. Matt. 13: 11; Luke 8: 10).
34. Lord, reveal what flesh and blood cannot reveal.
35. Lord, reveal your name, help us to love you (cf. John 17: 26).
36. Lord, show me what it means to bear fruit (cf. Luke 13: 7).
37. Lord, show me what victory means.
38. Lord, show me whatever you want to show me.
39. Lord, show us where the enemy lies.
40. Lord, teach me how to be glorious.
41. Lord, teach me what it means to give you everything that I can.
42. Lord, teach us to judge wisely the things of the earth (cf. Liturgy).
43. Lord, sanctify and strengthen my instincts.
44. Lord, give me holy intuitions.
45. Lord, sanctify my hind sights, insights, and foresights.
46. Lord, fill my life with inspirations to make me what you want me to be.
43. Lord, bless me with wisdom.